Wednesday, July 11, 2007

10. Creatures of the Dark by Seymour Simon

Creatures of the Dark

24 paged picture book

Nonfiction book annotation
By: Angela Wilcox

Simon, S. (2006). Creatures of the dark. New York: Scholastic Inc.

Author Creditability: Simon does his research for his books all over the world. He has currently written about 200 children’s science books. The National Science Teachers Association has named over half of these books Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children.

Summary: This book takes the reader on a journey through a cave. It allows the reader to learn about what all they might encounter and discover in a cave. This includes bats, blindfish, stalactites, stalagmites, bighorn sheep, pack rats, snakes, spiders, and some insects. The reader will learn about caves and these items along with some fun fascinating facts, as well, while reading this book.

Most Important Access Features: The text in this book is inside text boxes set against a solid background color which makes the text easy to visually read and the color complements the photograph. It also contains inset text within text boxes that contain fun or fascinating facts about caves and what you might find within a cave.

Description of Illustrations: The photographs in this book came from varies sources and people. They were transformed into 3-D photos where every photo gives the reader a chance to visually see the items discussed within a cave and to feel like you are actually in a cave. Most of the photographs take up a whole page and are able to be seen regularly and in 3-D with the provided 3-D glasses that come with the book.

Grade Level & Uses: Grades 1-7; The lower grades would need to use this book as a read aloud, but they would enjoy the photographs and the interesting facts on the cave and the animals found within caves. While the upper grades could use this book to do their own research on caves, creatures that live in the dark, and/or stalactites and stalagmites.
Standards: Life Science.

Related Texts & How Related: These books could be used along with Creatures of the Dark to discuss caves and items within a cave.

Caves by Stephen Kramer
Caves and Caverns by Gail Gibbons
Cave Animals (Animals in Their Habitats) by Francine Galko

Quality/Awards: In 2005 Simon was chosen for The Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Science Books from the American Association for the Advancement of Science Books.

Personal Response to Book: I found this book to be very interesting about caves and what all lives in a cave. I found this one a little bit harder to read than the other 3-D books by Seymour Simon. I feel like it was just because of the content not being as interesting as planets and creepy creatures. However, I still believe that the students would love this book because of the 3-D photographs and would be interested in the animals that live within caves.


Debbie Vanderford said...

I read a book called Horses by Seymor Simon, and now I am a complete fan and want to read all of his books including the ones you have posted.


Tassie Rosamond said...

Seymour Simon is a great author. I have his books on Snakes and Sharks and the kids have read the covers off! I love exploring caves and think that this book would be a great one to use in addition to books on cave formations. I think it would help students get a complete feel for the cave as a habitat for plants and animals.

Stephanie B. said...

I have read some of Seymour Simon`s books on sharks. I love his books! I will definitely have to read this book.

Jennifer said...

Each year, I try to do a bat unit that I have with my students. This sounds like a great book to add to my unit. Also, I read Whales by Seymour Simon. He has a lot of great books!