Wednesday, July 18, 2007

16. Move! by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Nonfiction book annotation

By: Angela Wilcox

32 pages

Jenkins, S. & Page, R. (2006). Move! Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.

Author Creditability: The book does not state where Jenkins and his wife Robin Page got their research to write and illustrate this book. I do know that they have written around 20 other books dealing with science topics and several of these have also won several different awards. Jenkins stated that he and Robin wanted to create a book to show children that animals move in different ways. He wants the reader to guess what movement might come next and what other animals might move in that same way.

Summary: This book informs the reader of different ways animals are able to move. On the two page spread there are 2 animals, one action word and a short phrase stating where the animal is going. Then on the next page one of animals appears again along side a different animal and form of movement. At the end of the book more detailed information is provided for each animal including where they live and what they eat.

Most Important Access Features: This book has the action words in large bold print on each page. The name of the animal within the phrase is also in bold print. At the end of the book there are pages of additional facts on each animal.

Description of Illustrations: This book has wonderful illustrations that are collages of cut and torn paper. They are wonderfully done making the animals look very realistic with all the colored details on each animal.

Grade Level & Uses: K-3; I believe this book would be an excellent choice for a study on animals, verbs, and phrases.

Standards: Physical Science; Life Science; Communication; Language Arts

Related Texts & How Related: The following books by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page could be used along with Move! to discuss animals.

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Quality/Awards:2006 New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of the Year
2006 Parenting Magazine Books of the Year
2006 Nick Jr. Family Magazine Best Books of the Year

Personal Response to Book: I loved this book! Once again Jenkins and Page did a wonderful job with the illustrations of collages that really enhance the book. I loved how they took something so simple as animals movements a made a book out of that students can then compare and contrast different animals. I plan on using this book with my zoo unit this next school year.

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